Studebaker Pickled Beets with Smoked Trout on Judy’s Country Crackers

This recipe by our Chef Jason Rose is quick and pleases a crowd.

Makes about 1 dozen

1 jar Studebaker Pickled Beets

12 Judy’s Country Crackers

1 cup Crème Fraiche

1 tsp Horseradish, freshly grated or prepared

1 tsp Dill, finely chopped

½ lb Smoked Trout

Fold in a teaspoon of horseradish, along with a teaspoon of finely chopped dill into a cup of Crème Fraiche.  Spread generously over Judy’s Country Crackers, and top with a wedge of Studebaker Pickled Beets and flaked smoked trout.  Garnish with some fresh dill and a crack of fresh black pepper.